Thursday, 19 February 2015

SOMETHING HIGHER Comp CD // NEWS February 2015

We are super glad to announce that "SOMETHING HIGHER - Hard to the Soul" compilation is finally ready. 11 bands, 20 songs of positive/spiritual hardcore.

This compilation is really important for me. I grew up on hardcore compilations, which helped me get into bands and discover new stuff. I also loved it when I could find hardcore music that had something more about it, and was able to give me a sense of direction in the greater scope of life.

Now all these years after, it is just great to be on the other end and put out music with a positive message. For me, positive hardcore (and positivity in general) is just that: something that I truly and wholeheartedly believe in. I hope that you will feel this when you listen to the bands on this compilation. It's done with love and conviction by both me and Dario from Youth Crew Records.

So let's go! PMA! You can pre-order the comp from me, by sending an email at or hitting our Facebook page up.
On other news, I have a new blog with hardcore reviews and news. Life is pretty busy, so I am not sure how often I will be able to update, but I will do my best!

Check it out:

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