Monday, 14 July 2014

Said and Done - "Better Days" Review

Hi! Back again with a new feature: a review of a new record which really stood out for me, due to its whole different approach. This record is no other than Said and Done's Better Days, out now on the awesome Straight & Alert records!
I always love it when hardcore & punk bands are brave enough to take that musical step further and expand the horizon of what this music represents. Said and Done is one of those bands: stemming from the hardcore scene, these guys have gone on to make a punky grunge/alternative rock record that really brings a breath of fresh (albeit melancholic) air, in the sometimes stale European punk scene of today.

So even though Said and Done come from the hardcore scene, and even though Straight & Alert is a hardcore label, you won't be hearing any fast hardcore chops or the usual hardcore screams on this album. What you will get, however, is a brand of mid tempo modern rock very reminiscent of the 90s, and definitely not unlike other bands that are doing the whole 90s punk grunge revival (most notably Daylight, and also Basement, Seaheaven etc). At the end of the day, this is some good rock, people. Dig into it. You'll love it.

I'll be totally honest with you: this record might not be overly catchy and might need a few repeated listens before it can grow on you, but it's definitely worth it. Amidst the heat of summer, these cold melodies and bleak vocal lines will creep up on you. Check out the whole record below.