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I started Beyond This World in fall 2013 in order to release Safe's Ride a New Season EP. It seemed like a good chance to get back into the world of DIY punk, after a somewhat long break from making fanzines, labels and bands.

I decided that running a small label/distro can be really fun and creative if done properly. Having the creative space and freedom to make records the way I imagine they must be, is 100% important for me and I intend to keep it that way with Beyond This World. I can put out music I really like, and perhaps even more importantly, music that I make. So in other words, my goal through this label is to release records of bands I like, and also records that I have played in.

Even though things have only started, it is a pretty interesting ride so far, and I hope it will continue to be so. Thanks for your support.

For all queries, drop us a line at: takexyourxshot [at] yahoo [dot]  com

Beyond This World Recs

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