Wednesday, 5 November 2014

News, Bandcamp & Distro Update

Sorry for the absence of posts during the last few months. I have been insanely busy with my personal life, which doesn't of course mean that there aren't any plans and news with Beyond This World.

* I should begin by letting you know that there is now a Beyond This World Records Bandcamp page, where you can currently stream (and download for free!) BTW #02, which is THROUGH JADED EYES' Justice demo. If you are a fan of metallic early 90s old school hardcore, you should go and listen to it right now.

* Some other news come from our distro department. Our distro/trade list is still making its baby steps, but it is growing at a steady pace. Below you can find a list of what is available for now, starting from the newest added items:

This is one of the very few existing old school hardcore bands coming from Greece. They have been around for quite a while (around 10 years, I believe), but this is their first full length. Good production, catchy songs that hit straight to the point, great vocals/riffs and a hard street attitude make this record a must for fans of late 90s era Agnostic Front, Sick of it All, Discipline etc.

xUNFORCEx - Time for Change CD (full length)
UNFORCE are a straight edge youth crew band from Philippines. They play classic SE Asian youth crew, which means that it is a bit sloppy and not extremely catchy, but nice and fun to listen to. Positive to the core, these kids keep their loyalty to a hardcore tradition that seems to have lost its popularity in today's hardcore scene.


STREETWISE - Against the Odds CD (full length)
These guys come from Lasrissa/Greece and play a unique brand of very tight and brutal hardcore. Extremely hard but without losing its accessibility and true hardcore feel, STREETWISE deliver the goods with an ongoing attack of negative hardcore mayhem. One of the best Greek hardcore/metal records of 2014.

PSYCOREPATHS - Your Entropia Has Finally Arrived CD (full length)
Another tried and true Greek band, Psycorepaths have survived the length of time and lived to tell the story with this brutal as hell album. Metallic drums and heavy guitars pound mercilessly from start to finish, while Spiros (main man and vocalist) spits his rage in a self righteous manner reminiscent of the good old 90s scene.

CENSORED SOUND - This Goes To... Digipack CD (mini album)
What can I say about this band since I joined their ranks and took over guitar duties for this last (?) recording. This swan song marks a turn from the more positive/90s style of their earlier days to an unpolished, 80s hardcore sound balancing between speed, griminess, and an uncompromising raw punk feeling.

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