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SAFE Interview with Dharmavit Das

Hello out there. Today we have a interview with none other than Dharmavit Das, Safe's legendary bassist/frontman, as well as the driving force behind Youth Crew Records. Dharma is an awesome guy whose straightforward attitude, positive outlook and honesty should be an example to us all. Enjoy!

1. Please tell us why and when you decided to bring back Safe? What were you up to since last CD “Not Alone”?
The reason is very simple, after the breakup of my other band Fumbles In Life in 2011 I had new motivations to write new songs. I did it for Safe, one of my most important bands. As you know until a year ago Safe was just a studio project. Now it's my only band and I'm happy to begin this new chapter, it's a 100% band now.

2. We notice a change to a more punk rock sound in “Ride a New Season”. Was that a conscious choice?
The new album was born in April of last year, when me and Marco have decided to reform the band. All the ideas I had in my mind about the new songs took their form in a short time, it's happened in a natural way without any real research of styles. Marco's ability did the rest...

3. Do you stand behind the term “krishnacore”? What do you think about this musical genre/subculture of hardcore?
Each label has little value, but I understand that sometimes these are used to identify something at the best. But in our case (same as with Straight Edge) this label "Krishnacore" is used to define the attitude and lyrics of the band. I think about Safe as an hardcore an punk rock band inspired by the spiritual message. 

4. Tell us your opinions on hardcore in 2014. What do you like about it?
In over twenty years I have seen many changes within the hardcore community. I think that they were natural changes. Today I appreciate a lot of bands and I'm happy to see that many others are still alive and always on tour.

5. Do you want to make Safe a touring band? Do you have a touring schedule for 2014 and a ready-to-tour band or will that come in to place as things progress?
Our plan are to do a lot of shows and touring as much as possible, to better promote the new cd and to give to other people the opportunity to see our gigs. The band's name has been around for almost ten years, but now it's time to realize our plans and projects.

6. You’re also well-known for your youth crew band Fumbles in Life and your record label, Youth Crew records. Will we see any activity in the near future from FiL and Youth Crew recs?
At the moment I haven't other releases on my label, the latest production is Safe "Ride A new Season" that's printed with Beyond This World Records. This is my nineteenth release since 1998. I've never printed cd or vinyls with frequency but only when I felt a certain feeling with the band to produce. Fumbles In Life is a closed chapter, at least for the moment. We spent together eleven years more or less.

7. You seem to know an insane amount of old timers in hardcore. Do you feel that a lot of people have stayed 'loyal' (to hardcore, straight edge, spirituality)?
I know many guys, dear friends, who have written important pages in the history of hardcore and straight edge... Many of them are still with their convictions and many others have changed lifestyles. I don't find anything strange in all of this, each one follows its own path and its own priorities. Personally I have never broken a friendship just because I've seen a change of lifestyle. Sure... It also depends on how one changes, but I'm not in a position to be able and willing to judge the choices of others. But I can say that I have a great respect for those who are coherent.

8. Is there a big Krishna-conscious community in Italy (aside from  hardcore kids)? Tell us why you believe someone should give Krishna consciousness a try.
Historically there has always been a large community of devotees in Italy, especially in the early eighties in "Villa Vrindavana", a wonderful temple near Firenze. Nowadays there are a few Iskcon temples in Italy  and this is a good thing for the movement. As I have said many times the movement for Krishna Consciousness is a real and genuine path to spiritual realization. Anyone who reads the books of Srila Prabhupada can really understand the meaning of religion. Religion doesn't mean fanaticism. Fanatics are dangerous. Krishna is God, and everything comes from Him. This is the first step. When we begin to understand that we are eternal spiritual souls and we are not the body we wear.. We are on the perfect path!

9. Dharmavit, thanks so much for this interview. It is an honor to put out records with you. Close this interview in any way you feel like...
I want to thank you for your incredible and sincere support during these months. Your enthusiasm was really one more incentive for the band! 

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